Solar Panels – Which panels should I purchase?

There is a difference in the efficiency of solar panels but is the extra cost of premium panels worth the extra expense.

The difference between a JA Solar panel and a LG Solar panel of similar wattage can amount to over £1,000 on a 4kW system and the efficiency range is:

JA Solar – 15.5% to 18.35%
LG – 16.8% to 21.1%

Clearly the LG panel has a 4% efficiency advantage in optimal conditions and the warranty gives a linear performance warranty of at least 89.9% power output by the end of the year 25th year.

However if you require an early payback and do not intend to remain in your property for twenty plus years the JA Solar panel may be a better option.  One way of increasing the efficiency of both makes of panel is to use Solar Edge optimizers.

We are approved installers for most makes of solar panels including JA Solar and LG.

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