Introducing the Tesla Powerwall II

The Tesla Powerwall II is taking the Battery Storage Market by storm – the system will power whatever the house needs first as a priority, then it will fill the battery as a second priority and then anything over it will export. Meaning you still get the full usage of your solar panels, save energy for the night and export what isn’t used.

The Tesla Powerwall solves one of the biggest problems of sustainable energy: while solar panels are great for collecting energy during the day, they’re not so good at night – but that’s when we tend to use electricity the most. Home battery systems such as the Tesla Powerwall solve the problem by storing excess energy produced during the day and making it available for use at night, it can also be used as an emergency power source in the event of a powercut.

In October 2016 Tesla launched the Powerwall 2.0 with 14 kWh of storage. Typically the average household uses 11 kWh a day.